New concept of Haptic & Sound actuator

The most powerful and fastest Haptics Actuator  – replace LRAs and Piezos with PSAD actuators


• More than 5-10 times higher G forces in real applications than with the traditional actuators.
• Crisp haptics through quick and strong response: 10 ms cycle time – no acceleration or deceleration signals required.
• That is not all: you can also turn a surface into a speaker with PSAD actuators – and implement additional features such as “Selection Detection(Click to the link) for haptics. With the same actuator, at the same time.


The PSAD actuator implements strong haptics feedback. The PSAD technology enables no-sound haptic feedback all across the 40-250 Hz low frequency band to eliminate incidental sounds that appear in traditional haptic solutions.


The panel with the PSAD solution becomes a speaker in itself, if so desired. In addition, the smaller module size compared to other solutions enables rich low-pitched sound generation, transforming the entire panel into speakers and woofer. Sound and haptics can also be implemented simultaneously with the same actuator.

Selection Detection

The PSAD actuator can detect the movement of surface when touching the surface. This means that there is no need to mount a separate force sensor on devices that require press sensing.

Simultaneous implementation of Haptic + Sound + Selection Detection

The PSAD actuator is the only technology that can simultaneously implement powerful, attractive haptic & sound functions in a single component. In addition to that, you can sense how much your finger presses on the panel by itself. All of these functions are implemented in a single actuator.

PSAD Actuator’s Application

The integrated design of Haptic+Sound+Selection Detection features can reduce costs and create new future value based on a wide range of applications.


Panel / Display Speaker


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