About Us

Create even higher value with PS Audio Design.

PS Audio Design is a professional audio, acoustic, and haptic technology company with decades of experience in the actuator field.

Our goal is to enable closer communication between human and device by allowing all devices in our daily lives to make sound from the surface itself and to provide emotional haptic feedback. By advancing Audio & Haptic Surface technology, PSAD does research to create a better user experience with high-quality sound and haptic.

Our head office is located in Oulu, Finland.


Purchase a license from PSAD to proceed with efficient development.

Technical Support

We can provide you with the necessary assistance in your technical development. We offer reference guides to help you develop Audio & Haptic Surface systems that are suitable for your field.

Sample provision and demo development

Use proper PSAD actuator samples to create mock-ups and demos, and speed up product development.

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