Powerful and reliable Haptic capabilities

Interaction between humans and devices is becoming increasingly closer, and faster and more reliable communication is becoming important. PSAD haptic feedback solution allow developers and designers to create a completely different level of user experience.

PSAD actuators can provide 5 to 10 times higher G forces than conventional actuators in actual applications. Fast and powerful response delivers crisp & groundbreaking haptic experiences. (10 ms cycle time – no acceleration or deceleration signals required.)
Furthermore, PSAD actuators can produce great sound while providing haptic feedback. In addition, “Selection Detection(Click to the link) function can be added that PSAD actuator can detects the movement of the surface itself.

One of the places where human hands and devices most interact is through input devices such as the Touch/Trackpad of laptops. With PSAD actuators, which is powerful, smaller, thinner, and has its own haptic + sound + selection detection functions, a completely new user experience can be created.

More secure driving experience with PSAD haptic

In the automotive industry, physical buttons that are actually pressed are disappearing and being replaced by displays and touch panels. However, in driving environments where constant attention to the road is crucial, there is a need for functionality that can be clearly perceived without relying on visual cues for the operation of buttons and panels. Combining the sensing and feedback functions in one component PSAD are answer to this need. The Feedback is often addressed through light sound or haptic feedback, and sometimes a combination of both. The haptics provided by PSAD actuators are faster, more powerful, and quieter compared to the solutions traditionally used in the automotive industry such as LRA’s or piezoelectric devices. They can achieve a much more natural tactile bringing the feeling of physical button back. Furthermore offer a solution where both button sounds and haptic feedback can be generated simultaneously using a single actuator. As a result, with PSAD solutions, which enable simplified integration and flexible design, more cost-effective development becomes feasible.

The dedicated PSAD actuator for haptic and sound integration provides a full frequency range for audio and allows users to customize haptic waveforms within the frequency range of 40Hz to 300Hz. With just one actuator, it is powerful enough to operate smoothly on a panel weighing up to 250g. Additionally, it does not produce unnecessary vibration noise during vibration operation.

Also PSAD actuator allows powerful seat haptic + sound to be implemented in car. In particular, it can reliably and quickly transmit various haptic signals directly to the driver’s very body. At the same time, the PSAD actuators can be a speaker itself, enabling new user experiences and also the cost-effective development.

Turn a screen into a speaker

The PSAD actuator transforms the display panel itself into a speaker by vibrating it, producing high-quality sound. When the screen becomes the speaker, it enables a seamless integration of visuals and sound, allowing for highly intuitive audiovisual information delivery and the development of products with even greater immersion.

Furthermore, by placing actuators for each channel, the screen itself becomes a multi-channel speaker.

The PSAD actuator offers smaller component size compared to other solutions, enabling the development of even thinner display speaker products and providing greater flexibility in design space, facilitating innovative designs. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for a separate subwoofer, as it can achieve powerful low-frequency reproduction. The ability to simply vibrate the panel and achieve such powerful and uniform audio output is a unique capability that can only be achieved with PSAD actuators.

Utilizing PSAD solutions in particular for mobile devices allows for the replacement of main speakers and earpiece speakers, eliminating the need for separate speaker holes. This contributes to waterproof and dustproof designs while also reducing product manufacturing costs.

Even more intuitive sound experience

The PSAD actuator enables almost any surface to be used as a speaker. To enhance safety during driving, it can generate high-quality sound from intuitive locations anywhere inside the vehicle, providing a more immersive and safer driving experience.

Pedestrian safety just as important as driver safety

As the automotive industry rapidly transitions into the electric vehicle market, the assessment of vehicle awareness for pedestrians becomes increasingly important. The PSAD actuator can be applied to any external panel, regardless of material (such as plastic or metal) or shape (flat or complex curved surfaces), enabling the implementation of large and high-quality sound at a lower cost and with minimal power consumption. Additionally, since the panel itself becomes the speaker, there is no need for speaker holes to emit sound.

Limitless possibilities

There are no limits to where PSAD actuators can be used. It can be applied anywhere that requires sound and haptics.

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